How to remove a SRAM 3×7 hub-equipped wheel


I’m not sure how I’m supposed to get my rear wheel off, since there’s a cable running into the three-speed hub. (This refers to the SRAM 3×7 hub, formerly the SACHS 3×7 hub.)

  1. While pedaling, shift the 3×7 hub into its high gear (often number 3 on the left shifter) and shift the rear derailleur so that the chain is on the smallest cog. This will help facilitate wheel removal and installation.
  2. Release the rear brake at the brake arm.
  3. Find the 3×7 shift cable anchor. It is the black plastic piece near the rear hub that connects the 3×7 shifter cable to the threaded end of the small chain (called an indicator chain) that disappears into the hub axle.
  4. At the rear end of the cable anchor, squeeze the small metal tab against the anchor and slide it off of the indicator chain. The cable anchor will be hard to remove if under tension, so make sure the cable has some slack in it.
  5. With a 15mm wrench, a crescent wrench or the combination pedal/headset wrench supplied with your Bike Friday (if you ordered a TravelCase), loosen the two axle nuts on each side several turns, turning counter clockwise.
  6. The wheel will slide out of the dropouts now. Gently rotate the derailleur body back to allow the hub to slide out.

Tip: You can often hang the bike on the nose of its saddle over a branch, fence rail, or pipe/bar while on the side of the road to make working on it easier. You can also turn the bike upside down — convenient, but not as cool.

Reinstalling the wheel

  1. Guide the wheel into the dropouts, cogs on the right. The smallest cog of the gear cassette will need to be inserted into the middle of the loop of chain as you install the wheel. When in the frame, the chain will come up through the derailleur pulley wheels, come back, up and over the cassette and go to the front chain ring.
  2. As you slide the axle into the dropouts, be certain to keep the washers–one on each side of the hub–on the outside of the dropout! Each washer has a small tab on it that will be facing towards the hub, and on the bottom of the axle when installed properly. Tighten the nuts down well, turning clockwise.

    Tip: If you are having problems installing your wheel while fumbling with the loose parts while trying to hold up your bike, consider removing the nut and washer on each side first. Keep them handy and someplace where you can’t loose them as you install the wheel. Then, once the wheel is in the dropouts and the bike is resting on the ground, you can add a washer to each side (tab in and to the bottom) along with a nut. The long nut goes on the right (derailleur) side and the short one on the left.

  3. Be certain the left shifter is set so that all of the cable is out (#3 position if you have Sachs PowerGrip Plus controls), that the cable housing is seated properly in all cable stops (the guides brazed to the frame), and the cable is not caught on anything.
  4. With your left hand, gently pull on the indicator chain so that there is no slack, yet don’t pull it out past the point where you start to feel tension. With your right hand, slide the black cable anchor onto the threaded portion of the indicator chain until the cable starts to become taught. There will be a very small amount of slack left.
  5. Reconnect the brake.
  6. Test the 3×7 hub shifting. Tighten or loosen the cable anchor one or two clicks as needed for proper shifting. Note: A common problem is having the cable set too tight. Experiment a bit.


We have put together an illustrated guide for the removal of the SRAM 3×7 hub-equipped wheel. If illustrations would be of help, please download the guide from the Document Library (link below).

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