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Terms and Conditions

Bike Friday Web store is an online service for Bike Friday clients who wish the convenience of online shopping for products from Bike Friday, Green Gear Inc. All our sales are backed by the Bike Friday service guarantee. We promise to treat you with the same respect and appreciation we treat all our clients.

These terms and conditions are for ‘’ and all sales resulting from interaction with the store at this domain and do not apply to bike orders or sales via other online assets of Green Gear Cycling dba Bike Friday.

Images and descriptions on this site may not always be up to date given product changes and upgrades. Bike Friday will accept returns for any product purchased via not matching the price, image, and description found on this site. Bike Friday accepts returns that are in the same condition as when purchased. Buyers have 30 days to notify Bike Friday of a return in order to get an RMA number.

Bike Friday sells OEM products for which the manufacturers provide the warranty. Bike Friday manufactured products are warrantied by Bike Friday.

Bike Friday seeks to serve our clients with superlative service, excellent products, and high-quality support. if you have any questions, queries, problems or any need relating to a purchase either before, during or after a sale, please contact us.

Bike Friday will make every effort to provide the item purchased on our web store. Due to changes in inventory, demand, and production, Bike Friday can not guarantee the availability of a product. You will be notified in the event an item is unavailable at the time of purchase.

Privacy and cookie Policy

Shipping Policy

All orders at Bike Friday receive an initial 3-5 day promise date for shipment. We attempt to ship within 1-2 days if possible.

Due to factors such as inventory, demand, production and seasonal peaks in orders, it is not always possible for Bike Friday to ship orders within this time frame.

You will receive a notification if your order is delayed for any reason. You are encouraged to communicate your needs to Bike Friday via the checkout comment page or directly to Bike Friday if you have a travel date or other needs.

Bike Friday, at our discretion, may offer back order shipping for a delayed product in order to get your order to you sooner. Bike Friday does not offer back order shipping to international addresses.

Bike Friday ships domestically via USPS and UPS. For international orders we offer USPS, UPS and DHL.

For more information on shipping, please see our shipping FAQ’s.

Bike Friday will make every effort to give each order the best price for shipping, but makes no claim that orders receive best pricing available due to vagaries of packaging, shipping costs and calculations of weight, dimension, shipping destination and time.

Bike Friday warranties shipments and will replace or refund for any orders lost or damaged in transit. Bike Friday does not warranty orders lost due to omissions or incorrect addressing information.

Bike Friday will not refund shipping costs for exchanges due to errors by clients in part selection in our web store.


You are encouraged to contact Bike Friday with any concerns about shipping at

(541) 687-0487