Elective Service Options at the Bike Friday Factory

While Bike Fridays use standard bike components, thus making it possible to have the bike worked on at any regular bike shop, there’s nothing better than having the skilled technicians that work at the factory work on your bike. Additionally, there are services we can offer not readily available at your local bike shop.

Here’s a brief run down of the major services we offer:


  • Tune Up – Clean bike (simple green and wipe down); tighten all bolts (crank arms, pedals, chainrings, seatpost, saddle clamp, stem, brake levers, shifters, handlebars); grease (stem, steerer tube, split bars, seatpost, seatmast, latch tips); Oil pivots; lube chain; Adjust hubs; true wheels (check dish, tension, lateral true); adjust headset; adjust BB; adjust derailleurs; adjust brakes; test ride; pack (if needed)
    • Single: $180
    • Tandem: $265


  • Overhaul – Complete disassembly; deep clean frame; deep clean components in solvent tank; replace all cables and housing (parts and labor included); reassembly; adjust derailleurs; adjust brakes; overhaul headset; overhaul bottom bracket (when applicable); overhaul hubs (internally geared rear hub extra); true wheels (check dish, tension, lateral and radial true); labor for replacing chain, brake pads, cassette, tires, tubes and other wear items (parts extra); replace handlebar tape or grips (parts and labor included); replace decals (if needed); replace head badge (if needed); align frame; replace hinge hardware; apply touch up paint where needed (unless being repainted) and includes a touch up paint kit; test ride; pack (if needed). This is the one your local bike shop can’t do in total!
    • Single: $499
    • Tandem: $645


  • Repaint
    • Add-on with overhaul (or with a bare frame)
      • Single: $265
      • Tandem: $475


  • General labor for other work on your bike : $85/hour


Note These Prices are as of July 2021. Prices can change with out notice.

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