Bicycles that fly, people who soar


Bike Friday is a Lean manufacturer of innovative travel, cargo, and electric bicycles. Since 1992, our custom bikes are hand built with pride from raw tubing to finished bike all in our factory in Eugene, Oregon.

We are an ambitious group of people working to do our part to make the world a better place to live.  Look over our website, talk to a Bike Friday owner, look into how awesome Eugene is, and if you want to be a part of Bike Friday, fill out our application.

Hear from our Team
“Being here is the exact impactful, fun, rewarding, inspiring hard work that I want to be doing. At Bike Friday, I work with a talented, eccentric team to produce more life-changing bicycles than I could as a lone framebuilder. I feel empowered in the business, and I get to live the car-free dream in beautiful Eugene Oregon! It feels like a Right Livelihood to me and I hope we can bring more good people into the fold!” –Willie Hatfield, Production Team Lead



  • An interesting place to work that encourages cross training and learning new things
  • Access to our extensive service, manufacturing, and fabrication shops for personal projects
  • Employee Purchase Perks – industry insider pricing, plus you get to build your own Bike Friday on the companies dime!
  • Indoor bike parking and showers
  • Lunch Rides in the Oregon countryside
  • Dog-friendly facility
  • Opportunities to learn frame building, entrepreneurship, etc
  • Flexible schedules and Remote Work options available for some positions
  • PTO including vacation, holidays, wellness, even your birthday!
  • Clear, fair, merit-based compensation
  • Active commuter incentives – get paid to ride to work
  • 401(k) Qualified Retirement Plan eligibility
  • Fire-Med Insurance included
  • We follow all state and federal pandemic guidelines and are an OSHA “low-risk” facility


Current Openings:

Bike Friday Marketing Coordinator and Brand Community Evangelist
The world wide Bike Friday community is full of adventurous and generous people who take action for health and out of a love to explore. People who care about addressing climate change, supporting diversity, and are willing to take personal action for their health and the health of others by riding a bike.
We need a person who keeps the Bike Friday community connected, inspiring others with authentic human stories of courage and creativity through cycling and simultaneously bringing new customers to order bikes to keep our factory working profitably. We want to inspire people to take action for personal health, carbon neutral lifestyles and to appreciate our similarity as humans riding bikes around the world. Our vehicle for this work is the hand built personalized bicycle.
This position requires a person with a drive to achieve goals and who has many skills, from effective multichannel communication and content creation to organization and analysis. We need a person who loves to weave all these skills together into a beautiful contribution for a great mission and great company.
This position starts by taking direction from our Marketing Manager and President Hanna and can eventually grow into becoming the Marketing Manager in the future.

A description of the best candidate:

You are inspired by human power and the human scale affect of bicycles on our world. You are excited to start with a unique world wide brand community of enthusiastic customers who love adventure, health and independence under human power.
You are motivated by ambitious goals and you use strategic, measurable results based marketing to achieve them. You are comfortable with the reality that the company can live or die based on the high quality leads and sales you bring in.
Your style is authentic, principled and customer focused. You are motivated to have your work make a positive impact on the lives of customers.
You have been developing your high level skills, gathering a variety of applicable sales & marketing experience, and are itching to apply them to a good company that really cares about making a positive difference in this world.
You have an entrepreneurial spirit with creative problem solving skills and ability to organize and manage complex situations with a solid focus on the ultimate goals to be achieved.
You have traveled to other countries and personally experienced connecting with people from other cultures in a meaningful way.
Personal experience and passion for a bicycle’s ability to liberate a person with elegant simplicity. You love bicycling and have done some bikepacking or bike touring and understand the magic of ‘arriving by bike’. You have also commuted to work by bike and understand the joys and challenges that our customers face when they choose to bike commute and bike tour.

Skills Needed:

• Strong personal organizational skills and personal motivation to accomplish what is needed for the situation
• Confident persistence to accomplish goals. If you don’t know how to do something then you take action to search and find out how to do it quickly
• High quality customer service skills and attitude – you will be representing the company to our online community
• Knowledge of the importance of brand management, especially one that is 3 decades old
• Strong creative writing skills, with the ability to match a brand voice
• Comfortable working with WordPress
• Eye for photo and video
• Personal experience and passion for a bicycles ability to liberate a person with elegant simplicity.
• Capable of utilizing Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for word of mouth influencing and referrals as well as community management
• Sales skills and a willingness to sell a bike when the sales team needs back up
• Understanding and experience with Guerrilla Marketing and Organic word-of-mouth strategies
• Self educator, you know that there is always more to learn and the skills required for marketing need constant updating

Duties Include:

• Developing the marketing strategy with the President
• Curating content from customers to republish
• Creating and publishing regular marketing email campaigns
• Creating original written, video and photo content for publishing across all social media channels and our blog
• Engaging with customers on all of our online channels
• Developing and maintaining relationships with key influencers, bloggers, and journalists
• Set up product reviews in 3rd party publications
• Identifying and attending events relevant to our key demographics
• Keeping an eye on industry trends and looking for ways to capitalize on them
• Maintaining and updating the company website, with a focus on SEO
• Maintaining an editorial calendar for all marketing activity
• Maintaining a database of all marketing images, videos and files
• Monitoring customer and prospect engagement across all platforms
• Finding and implementing successful methods to bring new customers to order bikes and service we can deliver profitably at a rate to fill our factory.

Other Salient Details:

• We have one location where it All happens (marketing to manufacturing) in Eugene Oregon for the last 30 years. Full company = 20 people.
• We sell direct and through dealers, exporting 25% overseas.
• Some sort of referral is a majority of our current business.
• Your compensation is based on experience and Bike Friday achievements. 40-60k plus % of improvements. To be negotiated.

If this describes you, I want to talk to you! Contact me with your cover letter, resume, and portfolio including relevant examples of your work at – Hanna Scholz, Bike Friday/Green Gear Cycling President

Bike Friday Customer Service
Bike Friday is a small manufacturer of high-end folding and travel bicycles. We design and build from raw tubing to finished bike here at the factory. We ship our bikes to customers and dealers all over the world. Bike Friday is mission driven as we want to make a positive impact on the world. Our belief is that work should be rewarding in more ways that just a paycheck and that business should be more that just economics. We are about people, solutions and enjoying what we do.

Compensation for each particular position is a starting wage of $16/hr minimum with wide range possible and negotiable based on skills, experience and background.

We currently have openings for two people to join our great team. The two people will cover a mixture of the tasks below.

Some of the tasks that need to be covered:

  • Customer Service Email as well as some phone and in person service
  • Electric assist installations
  • Parts order fulfillment
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Bicycle Mechanics (overhauls, re-paints, wheel building)

The skills and experience needed:

  • Strong mechanical aptitude, at least some experience working on your bikes
  • Strong communications skills written and spoken (previous customer service email experience a plus)
  • Customer service experience in high quality product (sporting goods product is preferred) Customer centered focus. However service skills from high quality restaurants or retail also can qualify.
  • This job requires strong attention to detail, and excellent follow through
  • Personally motivated to organize and achieve what is needing to be done
  • Personal experience loving what a well fitting bike can do for your life
  • Experienced in and appreciate teamwork and collaboration for shared goals
  • Experience with continuous improvement or Kaizen is a plus but not required

Benefits include:

Regular daytime weekly schedule with some flexibility. Covered bike parking, shower facilities, discount on bike parts, paid holidays, shop privileges & family friendly. There are many opportunities to learn new skills like brazing, welding, powder coating, bike building and electric assist basics. You also get to build yourself a personal bike on the company’s dime. Bike Friday loves diversity & encourages all interested, qualifying parties to inquire. If this sounds like you please contact us with a cover letter describing your interest and a resume to attention: Hanna.

Bike Production Team Member
How’d you like to build bicycles for a living? What we want from you is that magical combination of a high mechanical aptitude, friendly demeanor, drive, ambition and most importantly, personal responsibility. Other personal qualities you will need are the flexibility to adapt to a changing environment and a healthy sense of humor. Bike mechanic experience, welding or brazing skills a plus.

What we offer is a challenging environment with supportive co-workers who will be interested in your success. Benefits include covered bike parking, shower facilities, discount on bike parts, paid holidays, shop privileges and family friendly. And, you get to build yourself a personal bike on the company’s dime. Wage is dependent on skills and experience. Wage range from $15-30/hr.

Is this you? Contact us at with a description of why you think you would be a good fit at Bike Friday. Bike Friday loves diversity and encourages all interested, qualifying parties to inquire. We look forward to meeting you.

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