Winning moment


So, look who stopped by the Bike Friday Factory Showroom on Thursday.

Yes, it’s Freda Green.

Freda won the T-shirt contest we held this spring with the slogan:

“Who says you can’t take it with you!”

The winning slogan was picked by customers on our email list.

Interestingly enough, the T-shirts with her slogan on it arrived here just two days earlier.

She’s modeling the Pistachio green shirt as she hangs onto her Air Friday (the reason she dropped by was to pick up her bike).

They will be available soon through the webstore.

The really neat part of Freda’s entry is that she wrote on it:

“By the way, I think a super great prize would be a T-shirt with the slogan that I thought of, AND have it signed by the people at Bike Friday.:)”

We’re getting out the Sharpie and signing away.

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