Bike Friday Upgrade Colorways

Bike Friday Upgrade Colorways


With dozens of colors to choose from, our experienced painting team offers a wide range of possible upgrade color combinations resulting in a Bike Friday that is truly unique! Choose from the options below and fill out the form at the bottom to email your paint choices to a Bike Friday expert to add to your order.

Paint Styles Available:


Fade Style: $350

Two colors that literally fade into each other on frame. There are two fade styles to choose from. (Not available on Haul-A-Day Elite or Every-E-Day)


Two Tone Style: $200

Two colors where different frame parts are different colors. Pick two colors.

Fade & Two Tone Paint Color Choices:


Note on fade paint jobs: Fade paint jobs have variation because they are handmade art by the painter. The pictures above show the general design but each paint job is a little different. (Fades not available on Haul-A-Day Elite or Every-E-Day)

Steps to Order


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    How it is done: from raw tubing to raw fun

    Bike Friday’s begin as raw Chromoly Steel tubing which is then cut , welded and painted to fit your choices. We utilize a powder painting process that results in a high durability paint that last a long time. Did you know our first few Bike Fridays are still out and about in the world over 32 years later?