Lifestyle commercial

[EDITOR’S NOTE: We just received this neat note from Bike Friday owners Rich and Amanda Ligato:} Hey Bike Friday Folks, A few weeks ago an ad agency contacted us to ask if we’d be interested in allowing them to make a vignette commercial about our early retirement for Nationwide.  They wanted to include some footage of […]

Sweet ride on Gates

Gates recently blogged photos of a sweet Bike Friday they caught at the National Hand Built Bicycle Show in Charlotte, N.C.

Bike Fridays ’round the world

Bike Friday owners Bob Stockinger and Mary E. Duffy are world travelers, as well as organizers of a Tandem Rally in France each year. They told Bike Consultant Ruthy Kanagy that Bike Fridays are popular in France. They sent Ruthy this email: “Mary and I wanted to let you know that the Tandem Club of […]

Ever Dream of Suping up a Bike Friday?

We’re coming up on our 22nd Birthday on April 1st. We’ve built more than 40,000 bikes over the years, and in all honesty, it would be difficult to find two exact matches. That’s because our customers have insight and imagination that, well, that create magic. So here’s a blog post for the dreamer’s out there, […]

Independent Review

One could be a bit stereotypical and wonder about a blog called “The Retrogrouch.” Then again, Oscar on Sesame Street is a grouch, and a rather lovable one at that. So we read this review of Bike Friday holding our breath. I mean, don’t you want to know what “The Retrogrouch” thinks of his Bike […]

Ultra Review of a Pocket Rocket Pro

EDITOR’S NOTE: Douglas Hoffman, executive director of the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association, recently reviewed a Bike Friday Pocket Rocket Pro for their January Newsletter. Here are some excerpts from his review: “I ordered from Bike Friday a bike that would perfectly match the fit of my most comfortable bike for long distance riding. I ordered […]

Memories of RAGBRAI

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Bike Friday Service ace Michael Macemon checked RAGBRAI off his bucket list this past summer, enjoying a week of riding his Bike Friday across Iowa. Here are his memories:] By Michael Macemon Why is riding a Bike Friday across Iowa with 10,000-plus other bicyclists so much fun? Just imagine the video evidence to […]