Via de la Plata and El Norte Caminos, Spain on a Bike Friday, June 2018

Via de la Plata and El Norte Caminos, Spain on a Bike Friday, June 2018 Over 90% of people who walk or ride ‘The Camino” in Spain do the Camino Frances or French Way across the central north of Spain to Santiago de Compostela.  But there is a large network of Caminos from all areas […]

Biking Western Ireland on folding bikes and trailers

This was a piece first shared on Special thanks to Charlie and his amazing wife Audrey for this Bike Friday tour story which will inspire us all to raise our glasses and say Erin Go Braugh! Introduction: 100 Ecuadorians Descend on Drogheda, Biking Ireland, July 2018 Thursday July 12, 2018 The local Irish paper […]

Climbing the Kaltwasserkarspitze With Mike F. on one amazing Bike Friday tour!

To boldly go where not so many went recently. Our friend Mike F. is doing just that with his Bike Friday and boy is that bike lucky!  Oh, the places you will go. Saturday, 2018-09-08: From Mittenwald to the Kaltwasserkarspitze I rode my bicycle to the main train station of Nuremberg where I entered the […]

Kay and Gordon’s Tour of Andalusia, Spain – April 18 to May 2, 2018

Finally ready to leave the Carmona Parador headed for Osuna We had done a tour of Southern Patagonia last year. (For more details on that tour, see the log posted on the Bike Friday website.)  That tour was epic.  This year’s tour of Andalusia was tame by comparison.  It was all about riding through wonderful […]

Replacing the need for Uber, Lyft and smelly Taxies when traveling…

Have you ever wished you could just jump off a plane, walk out the doors of the airport and be off on your adventure? No waiting for trains, Uber, Lyft or a smelly taxi? The Bike Friday New World Tourist was created to solve these problems. It even has the option to add E-Assist that […]

Touring in Cuba

    64-year-old New World Tourist owner Claudia Beausoleil recently traveled to Cuba via the usual workaround- Mexico. With a quick stop over in Cancun, Claudia made her way to Havana, bike-in-tow, for the beginning of her 3 week solo tour. She contacted us at Bike Friday to share what she discovered. As the U.S. […]