You Won’t Believe What This 80-Year-Old Did on Her Bike Friday

EDITOR’S NOTE: It has been nearly five years since Dolores McKeough sent us this email, reminding us that it’s never too late to chase your dreams! Hi, I got home 24 hours ago. What a fantastic, beautiful summer. The adventure, fun, stress, friends made, country seen, and on and on. The trip started innocently enough […]

Win a Haul-a-Day on Bicycle Times

Do you feel lucky? Do you feel like a winner? Would you like that to be you in the photo on your new Haul-a-Day? Check out the Win a Haul-a-Day contest on Bicycle Times You only have one week to enter. Good luck!

7 Steps to Buying a Bike on a Budget

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Before opening Bike Friday in 1992, Co-Founder Alan Scholz owned and operated a few bike shops, and spent time as a national level racer.  Here are his expert tips on how to spend your money wisely when buying a bike.] By Alan Scholz Here are the basics I learned long ago about buying […]

Bicycle Times Haul-a-Day review

  The February 2015 issue of Bicycle Times has hit the newsstands, bike shops and homes, and it has their review of the Haul-a-Day in it. Check it out! Reviewer Adam Newman says: “I enjoyed the practicality of the Haul-a-Day because when unloaded it didn’t have the massive cruise-liner feeling that many cargo bikes have. […]

Test Ride a Haul-a-Day in Chicago!

Bike Friday is proud to announce we will have two new dealers in Chicago, Green Machine Cycles and J.C. Lind Bicycle Company. The Haul-a-Day is available for test rides now at Green Machine Cycles. J.C. Lind will have a Haul-a-Day soon!

Haul-a-Day offers solution

Here’s a blog post from Ride Adelaide Cyclists in South Australia about choosing the Haul-a-Day as a solution to transport children.

One Customer’s Bike Friday Experience

Want to know what it’s like to stop by Bike Friday to check out folding, travel and cargo bikes? Read this blog! It’s called HinesSight: How Things Look Through Oregonian’s Eyes

Just Deserts

The desert scenery swept into my view like the opening scenes of a good old fashion Cowboy Movie. The subtle pastel colors of sand and towering Saguaro cactus against a brilliant, nearly cloudless blue sky felt as comforting as an old pair of jeans. As my tires left the hum of pavement behind and dug […]

Bike Friday IT Recycles on Haul-a-Days

When it came time to back up their talk with action, Bike Friday’s IT department looked to their Haul-a-Days. With an every growing pile of old technology equipment piling up, a trip to Next Step Recycling was in order. Enter the Haul-a-Days. The IT boys packed up three Haul-a-Days to the gills with used equipment. […]