Inner tube and tire size compatability

Posted: 2001-08-06 By: Bike Friday staff member Garner Britt Symptoms I will be buying a pair of the Prima V Monsters 20 x 1.75 to replace my 20 x 1.35 tires. Do I need to buy the 1.75 tubes or can I use the existing tubes with the new tires? Causes Inner tubes should be […]

Reading the cryptic language on your tire’s sidewall

Posted: 2001-04-06 By: Bike Friday staff member Peter Conklin Symptoms I have always inflated my tires to the “max. inflate to ___ psi” molded in the side wall of bicycle tires. I have received a new set of Continental Top Touring 2000 tires that have “max. inflate to 70 psi – 5.0 bar” molded in […]

SRAM Dual Drive 3X9 cable box installation and adjustment.

Posted: 2001-12-13 By: Bike Friday staff member Symptoms How do I install my SRAM Dual Drive 3X9 cable box? Solutions The 3X9 hub is shifted by a thin rod that that is pulled by a cable operated lever inside a gray cable box. The shift rod screws into the right end of the hub axle. […]

Alfine 8 speed hub (and 11 speed hub)

Posted: 2011-08-30 By: Jordan Bishko Symptoms I have a flat and I need to remove my wheel and it has an Alfine 8 speed (or 11 speed) hub. Solutions This is an instructional video to show how to remove the rear wheel with a Shimano Alfine 8 internally geared hub (also works for Nexus […]

Removing the cog on a Shimano Alfine 11 Internally Geared Hub

Posted: 2011-12-02 By: Tim Link Symptoms I want to change the gearing on my internally geared hub Solutions This video shows you how to remove (and reinstall) a cog (standard or Carbon Belt Drive) from your Shimano Alfine 11 internally geared rear hub.  The video shows the step by step process.  The procedure requires a […]