Chain jamming

Posted: 2008-09-01 Symptoms My chain occasionally gets jammed between the chainring protector and the chainring itself. Causes The chainring protector is too thin and not the right diameter. Solutions As at September 2008, the protector ring on the tikit needs to be a slightly bigger diameter and a slightly thicker material; it is deforming and […]

Stem latch upgrade

Posted: 2008-10-01 Symptoms My stem latch (the metal shell shaped piece the plastic covered stem bolt slots into when folded) is bent. Causes The metal is too thin. The plastic ones use to break. Solutions As of 1 October 2008, I have just ordered new stem latches from a thicker stainless steel. The plastic ones […]

My tikit won’t go in the case

Posted: 2011-05-09 Symptoms I  am  trying  to  help a friend pack her new Tikit2Ride in a BF Flite Case. She has studied the various videos and seems to be doing everything as  demonstrated, but her Tikit just won’t fit.  Here’s a picture of the bike in the case as far as it will go. The […]