Folding Stem

Posted: 10/25/2018 Symptoms see a video on Youtube Additional Info This folding stem riser was introduced in March 2010. Made by Kalloy, it can replace the standard stems on all Bike Fridays with 1 1/4″ headsets and A-head style stem – see chart.

Fit Stem Program

Posted: 2000-07-25 Symptoms What is the Fit Stem Program? Causes There are two aspects to the Fit Stem Program, but the concept is the same for either. When you sign up for the Fit Stem Program, we send you a Fit Stem. The Fit Stem is an ugly and heavy but useful tool. The Fit […]

Bike Friday Pocket Bike stem and fork steerer tube interface feature

Posted: 10/25/2018 By: Jordan Bishko Symptoms My handle bars are turning independently of the fork and front wheel. Causes Improper seating of steer tube. Solutions This video explains the Bike Friday Pocket Bike stem and fork steerer tube interface feature which prevents the fork from rotating uncontrollably independent of the handlebars and stem.  This video […]

Bike Friday 1 1/4″ Threaded Headset Installation

Posted: 2014-11-07 Solutions BF Alloy 1 1/4″ threaded headset, part number 522   Stack order of Parts note: shown without grease for clarity. Make sure to use plenty of grease on the bearings   Stack Sequence, starting from top to bottom: lower crown race – this piece is pressed on to the fork crown   […]

Headset needing frequent adjustment

Posted: 2001-07-19 By: Bike Friday staff member Gavin Donahue Symptoms I have a NWT. About every 30 miles or so the headset comes loose, and I mean loose. I tighten it down with the 2 rather short wrenches you provide(we have another NWT) and it recurs. The other bike has not had this problem; Any […]

Rotational free play in the stem

Posted: 2001-05-24 By: Bike Friday staff member Garner Britt Symptoms I notice that the steerer tube on my New World Tourist is not as close fitting as it used to be. When the quick-release is released but the tube still in properly (all the way down), there is some rotational free play (i.e. you can […]

Making your stem fit you

Posted: 10/25/2018 By: Bike Friday staff member Peter Conklin Symptoms It seems that my handlebars are too close. What are my options for getting a new handlebar stem? Solutions If you are within your 30-day fit guaranty period, we will be happy to do what it takes to make the bike fit you. Contact Bike […]

Removing a tight stem

Posted: 2000-10-23 By: Bike Friday staff member Garner Britt Symptoms The stem on my new Bike Friday can sometimes be difficult to remove. Any tips? Causes The connection between the steerer tube and the stem collar can be a bit tight when the bike is new. As the stem is removed and inserted over and […]

Replacing a headset

Posted: 2000-10-23 By: Bike Friday staff member Peter Conklin Symptoms The original Ritchey Logic Headset on my Pocket Rocket is worn out. I’d like to replace it with a good quality headset like a Chris King. Is there a production size that will fit my Bike Friday? Solutions Yes, we can replace your headset. The […]

Fixing a loose stem

Posted: 2000-07-27 By: Bike Friday staff member Wolf Moritz Symptoms My stem feels loose, and there is some play when I wiggle it back and forth. Is this normal? What can I do to fix it? Causes All Bike Friday stems have a stainless steel pin welded into the back of the stem collar. This […]