How to replace the indicator chain on the SRAM 3×7 hub

Posted: 2000-10-06 By: Bike Friday staff member Wolf Moritz Symptoms The small chain leading into the three-speed hub broke. (This refers to the SRAM 3×7 three-speed hub, formerly the SACHS 3×7 hub.) Causes This tiny chain is called the indicator chain. It runs into the hub and is pulled by the cable attached to the […]

Plastic band on SRAM 3×7 hub

Posted: 2000-11-28 By: Bike Friday staff member Steve Ransom Symptoms Curious about the gray plastic band on the SRAM Spectro 3×7 hub. It doesn’t seem to have any function… what does it do? Causes It is entirely decorative. Solutions You can remove it if you like. Related Files SRAM’s Spectro 3×7 Technical Manual 2000 [pdf]

SRAM 3×7 hub information on the Web

Posted: 2011-04-13 Symptoms I need more info on the 3×7 hub. Solutions If you’re looking for more information on the SRAM 3×7 (3×8) hub, we’ve found their Web site at to be chock full of useful information. Related Files SRAM 3×7 component schematic [gif]

SRAM Dual Drive hub – how to adjust

Posted: 2011-04-13 Symptoms Shifting is off, and I want to know how the thing works! Causes Click box is out of adjustment Solutions The left hand shifter (which operates the internal hub), should be set into the lowest/easiest position to relax the cable going to the clickbox* for the internal hub. Note that in Australia, […]

Rear deraileur shift problems

Posted: 2000-10-20 By: Bike Friday staff member Garner Britt Symptoms I have a New World Toursit with a Sachs 3×7. I seem to have a chronic problem with the the 2nd and 3rd gears on the derailleur in that the chain never shifts to or rides smoothly on these gears…makes noise, jumps around, etc. After […]

Adjusting a rear derailleur

Posted: 2000-10-23 By: Bike Friday staff member Steve Ransom Symptoms How do I adjust my rear derailleur? Solutions For information on adjusting your rear derailleur, please download this document from our doucment library. Related Files Adjusting a rear derailleur [pdf]

Self-extracting crank bolts

Posted: 2001-03-06 By: Bike Friday staff member Garner Britt Symptoms I decided to try a longer crank arm length for my AirGlide. I’d like to use self-extracting bolts, like the original. Is the Sugino Autex the right/best one? If not, can you recommend one, and where I could purchase them? Solutions The Sugino Autex are […]

Loose crank arms

Posted: 2001-03-06 By: Bike Friday staff member Garner Britt Symptoms I seem to need to retighten the bolt holding my crank arms in place every four or five rides. The cranks begin to wobble. Is there anything I can do to prevent it from loosening so quickly? Solutions Are you torqueing the cranks tight enough? […]

Shortening cranks

Posted: 2000-10-26 By: Bike Friday staff member Garner Britt Symptoms We’re enjoying the Family Tandem Traveler very much, however, I think the 6- and 7-year-old stokers would do better with smaller cranks. Can this be done? Solutions An effective and simple way to address the need for shorter cranks for a child stoker is to […]

Understanding nine-speed spacing on cassettes

Posted: 2000-07-20 By: Bike Friday staff member Peter Conklin Symptoms What does “nine-speed spacing” mean? It seems that the shifters do not match the cog set, because you’re using nine-speed shifters with only eight cogs. Is this a mistake? Causes This arrangement is intentional. Bike Fridays require some special adjustments during production. Bike Friday has […]