Understanding nine-speed spacing on cassettes

Posted: 2000-07-20 By: Bike Friday staff member Peter Conklin Symptoms What does “nine-speed spacing” mean? It seems that the shifters do not match the cog set, because you’re using nine-speed shifters with only eight cogs. Is this a mistake? Causes This arrangement is intentional. Bike Fridays require some special adjustments during production. Bike Friday has […]

Upgrading to 8-speed/9-speed spacing

Posted: 2000-11-17 By: Bike Friday staff member Garner Britt Symptoms I would like to change my 7-speed twist-shift Two’sDay into an 8-speed Shimano XT RapidFire. Can I order parts through Bike Friday or should I just order a regular Shimano 9-speed cluster and 9-speed shifter and use 8 of the 9 gears? Do I need […]

Rear derailleur shift difficulty

Posted: 2001-02-09 By: Bike Friday staff member Garner Britt Symptoms I often have trouble shifting the rear derailleur with my twist shifters on my New World Tourist. Some time ago on the Yak list, someone suggested replacing the cassette with a Shimano. Is this a viable solution? Causes Depending on the age of the components, […]