*Spectro 3X7 Hubs no longer available*

Please note that the Spectro 3×7 hubs are no longer in production and parts are becoming hard to find. We still have some Dual Drive parts, but none for the 3×7 spectro hub.

No overdrive on SRAM Spectro 3×7 hub

Posted: 2001-04-10 By: Bike Friday staff member Garner Britt Symptoms I have a Two’sDay with a SRAM Spectro 3×7 hub. As far as I can tell the hub shifts into the low and mid internal gears, but not the overdrive. I have tried both loosening and tightening the shifter / indicator chain, but it doesn’t […]

Twitching SRAM 3×7 hub chain

Posted: 2000-11-15 By: Bike Friday staff member Garner Britt Symptoms My SRAM 3×7 hub “twitches” (for want of a better description; the end of the indicator chain pulses rhythmically while pedaling). Is this normal, or OK? Causes When the chain on your SRAM Spectro 3×7 hub pulses in and out, this is an indicator that […]

How to shift the SRAM 3-speed hub

Posted: 2000-07-10 By: Bike Friday staff member Wolf Moritz Symptoms I’m having difficulty getting the three-speed hub to shift. (This refers to the SRAM 3×7 hub, formerly the SACHS 3×7 hub.) Solutions Shifting is simple, but may take a while to get used to. While pedaling, move your left shifter one stop at a time […]