How to open the Tektro v-style brakes

Posted: 2001-05-17 By: Bike Friday staff member Wolf Moritz Symptoms How do I open my Tektro v-style brakes? Causes If your Bike Friday has the “v”-style brakes by Tektro, it features strong brakes with an unlocking mechanisim different from more traditional brakes. See the photograph in the Document Library (link below) to see if your […]

V-style brake cable seals

Posted: 2001-05-17 By: Bike Friday staff member Hanz Scholz Symptoms Why is there no black accordian sleeve on my Tektro “V”-style brakes? Causes These sleeves catch water and mud and can increase friction on the brake cable. Also, they cover up an area where a cable is most likley to fray. We usually take them […]

Improving STI lever braking power

Posted: 2000-11-21 By: Bike Friday staff member Garner Britt Symptoms I own a Tandem Two’sDay, with Shimano RSX STI shifters and Tektro “V”-style brakes. I have tried everything to provide some sort of braking on the rear but so far nothing has reached the level of a slow glide to an eventual stop. Fortunately the […]