Haul-a-Day Information Page:

Here are some simple pictures to illustrate the difference in the frames between the heavy duty frame and the regular Haul-a-Day frame.

The orange Haul-a-Day is the standard mainframe size and the green one is heavy duty (larger main tube and extra rear brace).


the heavy duty comes with several frame differences.  That includes extra brace in the rear box


and thicker tubing in the front main frame.


The Haul-a-Day: A Bike Built For Life.

Blogger and Urban Cycling author Madi Carlson easily lifts the Haul-a-Day
Whether you’re taking the kids to school, picking up supplies for a project, or just out on the town, the Haul-a-Day can do it all. The Haul-a-Day is the most versatile cargo bike on the market:
  • World’s lightest long-tail @ 33 lbs.
  • Adjusts to riders from 4’6″ to 6’4″
  • Carries up to 420 lbs. total
  • Low center of gravity & step over height
  • Stands upright for compact storage
  • Fits on most bus racks

Light Weight.

Most cargo bikes weigh in around 50 pounds, the Haul-a-Day is 33, making it light enough to be an everyday bike. Since life is full of surprises this gives you all the carrying capacity you need whenever you need it. If your partner’s stuck in traffic and someone needs to pick up the kids? No problem. Last minute groceries? You got it! And you can carry the Haul-a-Day upstairs or maneuver into your garage easily.

Size Adjustable.

Nearly all cargo bikes are built in one size. Unfortunately, this makes most cargo bikes impractical for anyone who wants a bike the whole family can use.  If you want a bike that multiple riders of varying heights can ride, the Haul-a-Day is your bike- it adjusts to riders from 4’6″ to 6’4″. It just takes 1 simple tool and 5 minutes.

Here is an 8-year-old, Martin, riding his family’s Haul-a-Day:

Hauling Capacity.

Though lightweight and nimble, the Haul-a-Day can take quite a load –up to 420 lbs. total (220 riders and 200 cargo). And if you want to carry more you can upgrade the bike frame to a total of 510 lbs. (260 rider + 250 cargo).
Low Step Over.

The Haul-a-Day uses 20″ inch wheels, both because they are stronger than larger wheels, and because they allow for a much lower center of gravity and step over height.

Why is keeping things low important?

A low step-over height makes mounting and dismounting effortless, which is perfect for city riding. A lower center of gravity keeps all of the weight lower to the ground. Both of these things combined make for a much more stable and balanced fully-loaded bike.
Roadrunner Bags hauls rolls of fabric for their bag making business.
Compact Storage.

Most cargo bikes are pretty large- both long and wide. Storing them can be tricky if you live in a small apartment or don’t have a garage. In addition to shrinking in size, the Haul-a-Day is the only cargo bike that can stand on end, making it the easiest of all cargo bikes to store in a tight space.
20 Haul-a-Days waiting for their riders all fit in a 6ft x 15ft space with an aisle left over.
Fits On Many Car & Bus Racks.

The Haul-a-Day, to our knowledge, is the only long-tail cargo bike that can fit on a bus rack. (It also does really well on Amtrak and light rail trains). This opens up a huge radius of travel, with or without a car! 
Haul-a-Day owner Fel P. loads up his bike on to his classic Vanagon as he heads to this year’s Descend on Bend

If you’re ready to dive in, or if you have more questions, we’re ready to help. But, remember, this once-in-a-lifetime deal ends this Friday evening at 5:30 PST.

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