Fit Stem Program


What is the Fit Stem Program?


There are two aspects to the Fit Stem Program, but the concept is the same for either. When you sign up for the Fit Stem Program, we send you a Fit Stem. The Fit Stem is an ugly and heavy but useful tool. The Fit Stem is adjustable both up and down, as well as forwards and backwards. You can use the Fit Stem to figure out exactly where you want the handlebars to be.

Take up to a month of riding time to figure out the best, most comfortable position for the handlebars. Once you know where you want them, simply lock the Fit Stem down, remove it from the bike, and send it back to us in the packaging that we have provided.

Within two weeks after we receive the Fit Stem, we will send out a a brand new stem that matches the dimensions of the Fit Stem that you sent in.


There are two ways to get a Fit Stem. Some customers will choose the program when they purchase their bikes, or will opt for it in addition to the stem that they already have. These customers pay upfront, and when they send in their Fit Stem, they will get back a custom stem.

The second way: if a customer is having trouble getting a good fit on their bike, Bike Friday Customer Service may offer to send out a Fit Stem to ensure that a good fit is reached. These customers will receive either a Custom Adjustable Stem, or an Adjustable Riser, depending on the handlebar type on their bike. The adjustable stems are not as light as the Ultralight stem, but they provide adjustment in the vertical direction.

You can order a Fit Stem by calling or emailing our service team.

  • The stems will be shipped by FedEx 2-day, and all shipping costs are covered when you pre pay or order a New Bike Friday with the fit stem program.
  • You can see the various Bike Friday stems available.
  • For more information about the stems, please  contact Customer Service.