Savvy Cycling Founder’s Day Ride

Kent Anderson leads the medium group on the road.

      It has been a long time coming.

We’ve been waiting, and planning, and waiting.

It’s finally here.

Way back last fall, a group of scouts for Savvy Cycling Tours stopped by our Factory Showroom. They were checking out Eugene as a possible destination for their 2011 trip.

They got the Factory Tour by our Showroom Host Kirk Toy. And, they decided that Eugene would be a great place to spend a week cycling while enjoying an Oregon summer.

Since then, we’ve made some plans for this group of 135 that have come to Eugene.

The highlight is today, the Bike Friday Founder’s Ride.

Alan Scholz greets the Savvy cyclists at the Hilton.

Co-Founder Alan Scholz is the ride leader. Alan plotted out three courses around the area: One for the experts, one for intermediate and one for those just out for some fun.

We have three Bike Friday ride leaders, one for each group. All three rides end here at the Factory Showroom where we will have refreshments, and will offer Factory Tours.

A group of about 80 riders prepares to head out on the Founder's Ride.
The group of more than 100 cyclists meets at the Hilton.
Group photo outside the Hilton.


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