***Planners Special Ends Sept 27th***

Planners get the best price!


Winter is our slow season so we can offer you a special price to keep the bike factory humming in Oregon.


When you plan it helps us plan and we Both Win!


Order your Bike Friday now for delayed delivery and get an awesome price depending on delivery month.


10% For December 2023 Delivery (Magic Code 2707)

15% For January 2024 Delivery (Magic Code 2708)

-Offer Ends Sept. 27th-


Contact our Bike Friday experts to discuss further
(Direct Phone Mon-Fri 8-5pm PST 541-234-5127)
(Direct Phone Mon-Fri 9:30 – 5:30pm PST 541-234-5126)


Mention Magic Code for Delivery Month You choose:
2707 – December 10%
2708 – January 15%



Attention Current Bike Friday Customers:

Is your Bike Friday ready for some supportive attention?

The Bike Friday service department offers overhauls, repaints and electric assist retrofits for your current Bike Fridays. If your bike is getting a little worn and dusty we can fix it up so its shiny and ready for more adventures. Contact us if you want a quote for some bike service this winter:  info@bikefriday.com
Bike Friday also offers a trade-in if its time for you to trade-in your old travel weary Bike Friday for a new one…Trade-In offer for returning customers:
The trade-in program is a unique value option as Bike Fridays do hold their value. We are adding an additional $100 of value on top of the assessed value your old Bike Friday gets when you trade it in towards a new Bike Friday. This can be an additional several hundred dollars off your new Bike Friday order!
– Offers Expire Sept 27th 2023 –
Contact our Bike Friday experts to discuss further



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