An Early Bird gets the worm just as the early planner gets the bike!

This is your opportunity for a:

New Year Bike for

an Old Year Price


As January is a transition month to the new year, we are offering you the last opportunity to get a brand new 2019 bike for a 2018 price.

10% means savings up to $400. All custom bike types qualify.

Some truths about life :

  • Planning helps ensure you are ready to ride on those first lovely spring days.
  • The sun continues to rise and seasons continue to move forward, always.
  • Bike costs have increased at the end of 2018.
  • Bike Friday bike prices are increasing 5-10% in response to materials price increases.
  • Bike Fridays production calendar is full until Mid March already!

To qualify you must contact us before January 31st.

Give us a call – A real human cyclist will answer! 1-800-777-0258


Email us at

We look forward to building your personal bike to Your size, Your choice, Your lifestyle, a life unfolded.


City Commuting

Road and Sport Riding

Fully Loaded Touring

Tandem Adventures

Wedding on a Bike Friday tandem

Sharing Life Together on Two Wheels!

Pedal Your Cargo


Life is a daily adventure with kids. Pedaling the family Haul-a-Day is fun!

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