Oregon’s Fall Colors


A gang from Travel Lane County took off

late last week on a Oregon Fall Foliage excursion.

They are cycling 120 around our stomping

grounds, getting an early look at what’s out

there for anyone this autumn.

We lent a Bike Friday New World Tourist to

Samara Phelps (actually, Cari Soong asked first,

but when we could only find one extra bike,

she graciously let Samara take it.

Follow their trip here.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! The trip was great and I was really impressed with how well Samara kept up in spite of the smaller wheels. She even passed me a few times and I was on my entry-level racing road bike! Thanks for letting us borrow the bike, you might have to pry it out of Samara’s hands when she returns it =]

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