Morning light


Funny how the rhythms and beats of Mother Nature can seemingly bust a new move, yet maintain an old school steadiness. Like a Strauss waltz.

I’m reminded of this as June sneaks onto the calendar even though the weather acts as though spring has just begun.

We’ve had better weather for Thanksgiving than this past Memorial Day. When folks strike up a conversation of late, it’s usually something along the lines that “it sure doesn’t feel like May.”

And now, it’s June.

Yet, nature marches on. Nothing appears to spotlight that better than morning sunlight.

As I ride my tikit along the edges of the Willamette River, the sun makes an unusual appearance. The softness casts an angelic tone on everything. The vast green of spring emerged beneath a cover of clouds this year, and the light ushers the true feel of summer in a comforting manner, least it does not jolt our senses.

Then I roll past a gaggle of geese — Mother and Father with their new family.

What strikes me is that the new family isn’t so new. Those tiny goslings aren’t so tiny. Hardly. They have been around for a while. Where?

Who knows? Probably the same place as the sun.

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