Momentum magazine review: tikit

1st Class tikit

The March/April issue of Momentum magazine just hit our mailbox, and it has a review of the 1st Class tikit.

Reviewer Gwendal Castellan wrote:

“Riding the tikit felt fast and zippy, the core of the frame is incredibly stiff and responsive. All the flex of the bike was in the seat post and the head post, which smoothed out the bumps in the road. The tikit was one of the faster folding bikes that I have tested. The Nexus eight-speed hub was problem-free and provided a broad range of speeds that met the needs of riding in a hilly city.

Read the whole review here.

The 1st Class tikit was our 2011 tikit with the Select Group. This year’s 2012 tikit with the Select Group is the Future’s tikit with belt drive technology,

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