Friday’s Burden


I met Gerald Ross at the New Amsterdam Bicycle Show in New York this spring.

Before my trip out there, we exchanged a volley of emails. Gerald owns a Pocket Rocket Pro.

Gerald just sent me another, reflecting the experience that is all part of owning and riding Bike Friday.

In Gerald’s words:

No surprise to you, but I constantly get stopped and asked about the bike.

It seems people are shocked that a folder actually works like a “real bike.”

I do get a little tired constantly having to explain how the rear cassette cog sizes compensate for the 20-inch wheels – although I have found the solution: Riding alongside someone who insists that I have to work harder than they, I just point out that we’re riding the same speed and have about the same cadence.

I usually ride about three  times a week with a New  York Cycle Club “B” group at about a 16 – 17 mph pace. They are now convinced that the little wheels actually roll!

What I wanted to share with you was the following:

I was riding in Washington D.C., in Georgetown and stopped at a light. A car pulled up alongside and the passenger asked me if I had the bike made for me. I told him it was, but I felt about three feet taller after his question. I guess the bike exudes a certain aura of “bespoke class.”

It’s really a great bike and I convinced two acquaintances to get them – so they bought a pair of Crusoes from David Lam at Bfold.

The bike is such a natural for NY apartment living that I am surprised there aren’t a great many more.

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