Electrify Your Journey

Introducing the all new e-pakiT

Our goal is to offer you daily life with the personal freedom to explore the joy of flying on light wheels, access to the open air, and connection with the world around you.

All in a remarkably compact bike that fits you and can be taken anywhere.


When Bike Friday Co-Founder Alan Scholz invented the pakiT he envisioned a nimble, lightweight folder that was ready to go anywhere and everywhere.


An exciting part of that vision, straight from the sketchbook, was that it should be electrified.

Alan saw in the mad dash toward the pedal-assisted bicycles of the future that, somehow, the industry had forgotten the need for a lightweight option.


Furthermore, an e-assist bike that could easily travel the world stowed away on a plane, was also glaringly absent.

We’re proud to say that the e-pakiT fills those needs: it easily converts between e-assist and non-assist, it’s lightweight even for an e-bike, and its unique battery system allows it to be safely transported on airplanes– something previously not possible.



“Air travel with even the most compact folding bike is a nightmare – no bike in existence is designed to be both compact and light enough.

I suspect the pakiT is the answer to my prayers.”

-Masha Gessen, Renowned International Journalist & Author

“The pakiT may be the most compromise-free folding bike yet.”




The real brains of the operation are the clever new stackable LiGo Batteries from our partner Grin Technologies; if you want longer-lasting power all you have to do is link up an additional battery!

An additional benefit for the weight conscious rider is that you can take as only much weight in batteries as you need for any given bike ride, and never a single ounce more!

TSA and Carry-on Compliant

Because each battery is under 100Wh it meets the safety requirements of most airlines; for the first time ever you can take your e-assist bike with you anywhere you travel!


Based on 24 years of building high performance travel & folding bikes the pakiT is a breakthrough!

It surpasses all other bikes in history with an amazing combination of being light weight, folding compactly, very clean (no chain oil), built to your size, and with a high quality ride!

Lightweight: 14.9 lbs/6.8 kg to 22 lbs/10 kg.

Compact: Folds in under 25 seconds to 38in x 24in x 10in (96cm x 61cm x 25cm).

Quick Fold V. Compact Fold

Quick Fold

Overall Folded Dimensions: 38″ (96cm) x 24″ (61cm) x 10″ (25cm)
Fold Time: Under 20 Seconds
Number Of Steps: 5

Compact Fold

Overall Folded Dimensions: 30″ (76cm) x 17.75″ (45cm) x 12.25″ (31cm)
Fold Time: Under 28 Seconds
Number Of Steps: 7
Additional Steps: Remove Mast & Wheel

Brand Comparison Chart

Model Weight (lbs) Weight (kg) Sizing Options Speeds Approximate Folding Time Frame Warranty
Bike Friday pakiT 14.9-22 lbs. 6.8-10.0 kg 6 sizes 1-11 24 seconds Lifetime
Brompton 22-27.5 lbs 10.0-12.5 kg 1 size 6 25 seconds 5 year
Dahon Curve D3 25.6 lbs 11.6 kg 1 size 3 22 seconds 5 year
Montague Urban 29 lbs 13.2 kg 3 sizes 21 30 seconds Lifetime
Tern Link C7 27.3 lbs 12.4 kg 1 size 7 25 seconds 10 year
Citizen Tokyo 30 lbs 13.6 kg 1 size 6 25 seconds 1 year
Model Folded Dimensions (in) Folded Dimensions (cm)
Bike Friday pakiT 38″x24″x10″ (5.3 cu ft.): Folded
30″x17.75″x12.25 (3.8 cu ft.) Backpack
96x61x25 cm (150 L): Folded
76x45x31 cm (105 L): Backpack
Brompton 23″x22.2″x10.6″ (3.1 cu ft) 58x56x27 cm (88 L)
Dahon Curve D3 26.4″x25.2″x13.3″ (5.1 cu ft.) 67x64x34 cm (144 L)
Montague Urban 36″x28″x12″ (7.0 cu ft.) 92x71x30 cm (198 L)
Tern Link C7 33.5″x25.6″x13.4″ (6.7 cu ft.) 85x65x34 cm (190 L)
Citizen Tokyo 31″x22″x14.5″ (5.7 cu ft.) 79x56x37 cm (161 L)


Gates Carbon Belt Drive System – Made in the USA

Comes with a belt drive instead of a chain, no grease!


Choose Your Sizing

To accommodate as many riders as possible, the pakiT is custom built in a wide range of sizes!

We’ll contact you after we receive your order to get your sizing information.

There are 6 sizes, with a lot of room for adjustability, to ensure that the bike fits you well!

Sizes to fit people from 54”/136 cm to 76”/194 cm & weighing up to 220 lbs. (100 kg).




The e-pakiT bikes listed below are examples of the range of options we offer.

We have many more options to fit your needs for gearing, weight and components in our pakiT elite designs.

Click here for details!

Comes in your size & choice of color.

Belt Drive upgrade available

Rider weight up to 220 lbs.

Bike weight 20 lbs + Accessories

Comes in your size & choice of color.

Belt Drive upgrade available

Rider weight up to 220 lbs.

Bike weight 20 lbs + Accessories

Comes in your size & choice of color.

Belt Drive upgrade available

Rider weight up to 220 lbs.

Bike weight 20 lbs + Accessories


A family of passionate people who love the joy and liberation that a great bike offers when it fits, rides well, and you can easily take it with you.

We have been designing and building high performance travel bikes for the last 24 years in Eugene, Oregon.

Our bikes range from Touring and Road bikes to Cargo bikes, Tandems, and even Triple-rider bikes! Most pack into a suitcase for convenient travel.

We have designed several “firsts” starting with the world’s first suitcase travel bike, folding recumbent, and custom folding tandem.

We have, for nearly a decade, manufactured the lightest folding bike available anywhere- the 16 lbs.

Pocket Rocket Super Pro. Not the bike for everyone, but an important step toward realizing the pakiT.

Founded by two brothers, Alan and Hanz Scholz, Bike Friday has now entered its second generation with daughter Hanna Scholz at the helm as President of the company.

Bike Friday is proud to be a bike factory run by a woman. Hanna’s vision is to help people live high quality, active lives with high quality, convenient bikes that are a joy to ride and are easy to take anywhere.

More Praise for the pakiT

Hearing that is was easy to pack into a suitcase made me decide to order one… I think it would be very useful as an urban bike.Ruthy Kanagy, Owner, japancycletours.com
I loved how fast it packed into the case and that I still had room for other items.Shane MacRhodes, Founder, Kidical Mass
The pakiT is a home run…Larry Black, Owner, College Park Bicycles
The pakiT is the best bike ever… I just finished a 28 mile ride in Germany on the 3 speed pakiT. The great road feel and handling of the bike, plus the light weight, made it a dream on the ride.John Ittleson, 14 Time Bike Friday Owner
I loved my tikit but the ride on the pakiT has a very sporty feel and I like it better. I’m impressed with the 3 speed, we have a steep hill near our house and the gearing worked well.-John C Ittelson