Bike Friday’s Black Friday Special


At Bike Friday we build many colors of high performance bikes that are easy to fold and pack, we even offer 2 colors of Black!

If you are looking for a high quality bike made in the USA that fits your size, your choice, your style AND you want a great deal — check out these Black Friday deals below.


Black Friday at Bike Friday

Choose One of these Options:

  • Free Shipping up to $300 International

  • Order a New Bike and Save up to 20%

  • Order a Pre-loved Bike and Save up to 50%

  • Overhaul or Upgrade your old Bike Friday and get Free Shipping in USA

– Contact us before end of day Cyber Monday Dec 2nd 2019 to qualify –

Call us 800-777-0258

(a real live person who rides a bike will answer!)

Email us at 

(a real live person who rides a bike will respond with in 24hrs)

Financing Available :
Paypal offers interest free loans for up to 6 months. Paypal Financing FAQ : Learn More Here

It Must Be Fun!

All Holidays should have some fun so we put together this tongue twister to get the laughs going. Can you do this tongue twister? We tried it and……..go ahead and laugh at us…..


We hope you had fun with this Black Friday Sale and tongue twister!

11 Responses

  1. hey hanna! im from argentina e saw, live brave rider ridding the carreteira austral on a new world tourist. im looking for one but there is no resseler in entire continent! here we have bromptons, dahons, carrymes, if reach, terns but few to none bike fridays! we want our pocket rockets and packits!

    1. Hello Pedro,
      I am happy to have my shipper investigate what it would take to ship you a bike to Argentina. Just let me know what your shipping address is. Its best to send your information to our main email instead of posting it here. Just mention where you want the bike shipped to and we will see what we can do.

  2. Thanks for this fun and well-produced video! Love my Black (!) Pocket Rocket Pro but need an off road bike too. Diamond Lama? (Love the one sitting in your showroom) or NWT? I’ll be calling you before Cyber Monday!

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