Ever-E-Day Manual Drive – 50-60cm Adjustable – New – 39497

by Bike Friday
Published: May 13, 2022 (6 days ago)
Eugene, Oregon

This Ever-E-Day is built with a manual drive and it available at a lower cost than the E-Assist version. If you’d like to add E-Assist it can easily be retro-fitted.

The Ever-E-Day

A light, sporty, compact cargo bike with the capacity to haul what you need with nimble elegance. Has all the benefits of a Cargo and an potential Electric Bike, plus more!

With multi-tool adaptability it changes from a light commuter bike (27lbs) to a cargo bike for your groceries and child, just by adding accessories. The frame adjusts to the widest range of sizes to fit your whole family. It truly adjusts to your future needs. It does things other bikes just can’t!

Daily transportation for the commuter, the parent, the adventure cyclist or retiree, for the climate warrior.

Size: 50-60cm Adjustable
Color: Robins Egg Blue
Frame Number: 39497
Drivetrain: 1 x 8 Microshift
Wheels: 36 spoke, 406 Gold rims
Tires:  20″ x 1.95″
Handlebar: Flat
Brakes: Mechanical Disc

Includes 10 year warranty
Ready for immediate shipment or delivery!