Diamond Llama Frame – 60cm/Large – 39155

by Bike Friday
Published: September 2, 2021 (1 year ago)
Eugene Oregon

Diamond Llama – 60cm/large – 39155 – NEW

Full Frame kit with special Green Gear Green-Stealth/Matte Black two tone paint job!

The Diamond Llama is our burliest frame made for adventure and to carry heavier riders with ease.  It takes wide tires at 2.1 inches and handles dirt trails especially well for 20-inch wheels (with the right tires). It’s ready to go with you on a fully-loaded tour, hundreds of miles across a continent, or exploring your favorite old logging roads with zero proprietary parts to do it (we only use standard bike parts on all of our bikes).

What is also very unique about this bike is that it is one of the only folding bikes in the world that can take a heavier rider. Most folding bike companies design to max around 230lbs total weight. Designed for up to 330lbs. max rider weight and is still intended for rugged use. We aim to support all riders to have a great bike that fits them! Even people bigger and taller than the average rider.

**Bike does not come with saddle or pedals. Both can be purchased separately.

This Diamond Llama frame kit can be shipped out within 1 week

Includes our 10 year warranty.